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Shannon Courtney will help to SAVE womens bodybuilding!!!

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 Posted 5/14/2013 2:48:25 PM
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My friends, USUALLY when I write about an athlete, it is published on the WBFF website or in our magazine. However every once in a while I come across an athlete from another organization in this industry that we are ALL a part of, that impresses me SO much that I am compelled to bring them to your attention. I have written MANY times that yes, I am very much in favor of the WBFF, but I am a FAN of ALL athletes regardless of organization! Well, Shannon Courtney, is not in the WBFF, because she is a bodybuilder, and to be honest, the WBFF does not HAVE a bodybuilding division. WHY? Because for many years the the Womens bodybuilding division lost popularity, and that slowly started to make it unmarketable. Let there be NO doubt in your minds that had it not been for amazing female athletes Like Rachael McLish, Cory Everson, Bev Francis, Lenda Murray, etc? There would be NO fitness, figure, physique, etc Divisions. We unfortunately have some organizations who not only LET, but ENCOURAGED the division to get out of hand. Instead of fixing it? They simple started new, more popular divisions, leaving the female bodybuilders almost as outcasts. Never knowing year to year if they would be phased out or not. Why does this bother me? Because I always have been, am, and always will be a fan! However I can't change the minds of the general public as to what is accepted and what isn't. What I CAN do is point out those who I believe can CHANGE the perception of the female bodybuilder. I have already written about my friend Fabiola Boulanger who is an IFBB Pro. SHe is one of those incredibly beautiful women in the bodybuilding division who I believe will increase the divisions popularity. Well Shannon Courtney happens to be another one of those athletes who I believe will completely change how people view the female bodybuilder. This woman is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Let there be NO DOUBT that this woman could be a star in ANY division with her incredible natural beauty, but my friends, this woman has a physique unlike any I have seen in years. Head to toe her physique is amazing, but this woman just may have the most unbelievable quads I have EVER seen. Notice I am not saying "for a female". I mean IN GENERAL! Pound for pound, this woman has possibly the greatest legs in the sport. Yet again, let me point out that she is ABSOLUTELY gorgeous. And for those of you who hear the word female bodybuilding and get a dark view of it because of the handful who, due to lack of sponsorship and support, turned to... more... provocative means for supplementing their income? Well Shannon is also a savior as far as THAT goes as well. This woman, happily married and with a beautiful child is in the division to show that the ONLY difference between her and any other beautiful woman in any other division, is the size of her bicep. Period. Those who follow me, know that I am not affiliated with the NPC OR the IFBB what so ever. I am simply just a fan of the sport and the athlete. Some organizations just don't seem to do much for athletes unless they are... well... attached to certain people, trainers, or companies. Well then, as a fan of the sport, when I see someone come along as rare, positive, and exceptional as Shannon Courtney? I am GOING to bring them to your attention in HOPES that a division that I happen to love and respect can gain it's popularity back and these hard working, dedicated athletes get what the deserve! To follow this incredible woman... https://www.facebook.com/shannon.courtney.31, https://www.facebook.com/TwentyFour7Fit


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 Posted 5/15/2013 12:41:45 PM
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very Corey-ish I hope she does well
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 Posted 5/21/2013 6:53:09 PM
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I hope that you're right.  There have been so many ladies, though, in the past that I have hoped would save women's bodybuilding.......Cindy Phillips, Britt Miller, Gina Davis, Amanda Dunbar, Casey Daughtery, Kris Murrell, Hayley McNeff......only to see them either drop out of competition altogether or switch over to Physique, mainly out of disagreement with the direction the sport has gone and is continuing to go.
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